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        I think we need to defend the Net from all the people who want to
regulate it by creating the Internet Liberation Army (ILA), made up of a
corps of top-flight engineers working together to defeat various
regulatory schemes by technical and political means.
        America has no right to pass laws affecting Chinese users of the
Net, and vice-versa.  Let's make the Net a virtual country and create a
group of well-disciplined people including leaders, an army and a
population of supporters who pledge to keep it free.
        By its very nature, it must be a secret society, closed to the
thousands of spies they will send to join it. On the technical end, let's
make every regulatory technology and means a very expensive battlefield,
so costly that each battle won will make them more reluctant to fight the
next.  On the political end, let's develop forms-based mailers that get
our message out all across the net to our supporters, and get their
message back to Congress and the regulators.  Let's fight the modem tax
with all our means.
        Hackers who always prefer independence and direct action
will resist the organized mode, but when I read that the SEC had closed
down the Virtual stock exchange created by a beer company on the Web, I
realized that, like with the FCC attack on Internet telephony, we are
seeing just the beginning of a long-lasting surge of regulatory fervor to
make the Net just as paralyzed and hopeless a means of communication as
modern politics. Let's prove that despite our differences and means, we
can create something that doesn't need governments and corporations the
world over to regulate and exploit it for their own ends.


Joe Shea
The American Reporter

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