cr> global censoring and watch what you say online


Craig A. Johnson

Two more examples of the global trending toward Net censorship.  
Forwarded from from Dave Farber's IP list.



Date:          Fri, 26 Jan 1996 11:53:01 -0500
From:          Dave Farber <•••@••.•••>
Subject:       IP: global censoring and watch what you say online 
To:            •••@••.••• (interesting-people mailing list)

I said this would happen in my MPT speech


   1-26-96. TWP:

   "Police Search of AOL Files Divides the On-Line World."

      Police descended on the company's headquarters Monday to
      perform the first such search ever of America Online
      records. Police are enthusiastic about the potentially 
      incriminating information stored in computers.

      "It's a bit chilling, especially if you consider the
      idea of police pulling up an instant profile on you with
      the punch of a couple buttons," Woolie baa-ed to Babe.

   1-26-96. WSJ:

   "Internet Racial Hatred Case Investigated."

      The Mannheim prosecutor's office is investigating
      CompuServe Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG's T-Online
      service for inciting racial hatred, a crime in Germany,
      because they provide access to the Internet, where a
      Canadian neo-Nazi has set up a home page. Although Mr. 
      Zuendel lives in Toronto, "because it's available 
      over the Internet, it also can be called up in Germany," 
      the official said. "Then the scene of the crime is all 
      of Germany."


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