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Was it just me or did I miss the granting of the power to regulate the
Internet to the FCC. Apparently this is just what the telecom bill did,
along with the handing out many other tasty treats. ;-)

The phone companies see a threat in Internet telephony software (the
software that allows you to have a voice conversation real time over the
Internet with others using the software). Of course, there is a threat to
the phone companies there, but only due to their general incompetence and
ridiculously high prices.

Those phone companies have now petitioned the FCC to make the use of
Internet telephony software illegal (and presumably punishable by sending
the feds to raid and confiscate your computer system, but I'm just
guessing here.....). The FCC is currently holding a period of public
comment on these provisions.

FCC Threat to Internet

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Thursday, 21 March 1996

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