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News Release    24 April 1996 6 PM
Contact: Keith A. Glass  703-354-1737

Changes to the Electronic Freedom March

The Electronic Freedom March on Washington, currently scheduled for June 
30th, 1996, has been re-scheduled to the fall, tentatively the weekend of 
28-29 September.

With the current state of the case against the CDA, ACLU vs. Reno, and 
several organizational factors, it's been concluded that it would be far more 
effective to focus the political power of the citizens of the Net closer to 
the November elections.  

We are currently looking for people to assist us in organizing and sustaining 
the Electronic Freedom March on Washington.  Specifically, we need assistance 
in fundraising and publicity, assistance in obtaining corporate and 
non-profit sponsorships, people familiar with stage and sound systems, crowd 
logistics, first aid, and security.  

Please refer all inquiries to Keith A. Glass, 703-354-1737, •••@••.•••
*   Keith A. Glass,  Annandale, Virginia, USA, Filker/punster at large    *
*           Washington Coordinator, Electronic Freedom March              *
*        30 June 1996, Washington DC   URL:            *
*  Note: the following line is an intentional act of Civil Disobedience:  *

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