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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996
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Subject: Alliance Conference

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SPRING 1996 Regional Conference:
Public Access Goes Digital:
Building Our Communities in the Information Age

Location: Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont
Date:  May 10 - 12, 1996
Hosted by: CCTV, Old North End Community/Technology Center, Channel 17/Town
Meeting Television, Channel 15, Vermont Access Network, Vermont Educational
Contact: Marisa Vitielo at CCTV: 802-862-1645, or email •••@••.•••.

The convergence of voice, data and video on the Information Highway raises
new questions about the role of  community access television and the
preservation of  the public interest. How we strengthen local communities in
a world of telecommunications conglomerates is the subject of the Alliance
for Community Media's  Spring Conference to be held in Burlington Vermont,
May 10th through 12th, 1996. "Community Access Goes Digital: Building Our
Communities in the Information Age" is co-sponsored by Community Technology
Centers Network (formerly Playing to Win).  Hosted by CCTV, a national
leader in public access advocacy and site for the Vermont's first community
technology center, the three day event features in-depth policy discussions,
demonstrations of  new models for public access and screenings of the
region's best examples of free speech.

In an era characterized by de-regulation, major media partnerships and
increasing limits on free expression, "Community Access Goes Digital"
includes effective strategies to protect the first amendment, expand access
to computer networks and provide new skills to the communities they serve.

In addition, the conference features a special one-day Cyberschool Workshop,
devoted to assessing the local telecommunications landscape and expanding
access opportunities with community media/communications centers.  This
workshop, requiring separate registration, will be offered by Fred Johnson
and media activists from the Media Working Group.

Registration for the main conference (Friday evening through Sunday
afternoon) will be $55 for members of the Alliance and $65 for non-members;
the Cyberschool workshop (all day on Friday) will cost $50 per person.

For more information or to submit tapes for exhibition, please contact
Marisa Vitielo at CCTV: 802-862-1645, or email Marisa@


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