cr> can Malaysia discredit Tennessee?


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If cyber-rights' home page disparages Malaysia and somone in Malaysia reads
it, who is liable?  If Malaysia prosecuted, would the US government defend us?

If it defended us, how would the government distinguish between this case and
the BBS sting run out of Tennessee?

Inquiring minds want to know...

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I can furnish a bit of an answer...

People have been raising similar questions about the CDA, which at one
point explicitly included a prohibition on transmissions from outside
the U.S. that infringed on it.  Some asked how the U.S. government
could prosecute someone putting up an archive in the Netherlands or
Finland.  Then others point out that we killed several thousand people
in Panama in order to make a publicity stunt out of bringing General
Noriega to trial (not to go into similar actions in Libya and Iraq...)



Pointer from moderator:

An interesting new entry has recently been added to the list of
products claiming to offer filters for objectionable material: a
company called NewView that offers something called "iscreen!"  They
have researched the criticisms of the Internet community to
censorship, and have tried to produce a system that is less
restrictive.  I won't say any more about it because there are too many
aspects to make a good summary.  Look at and
post your opinions to this list; if you don't have Web access you can
ask me for a summary.


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