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As we try to sort out the demands of public interest and private
profit, we should remember Ezra Pound's words of 45 years ago on
the subject of economics: "Set up a perfect and just...system and 
in three days rascals, the bastards with mercantilist and 
monopolist mentality, will start thinking up some wheeze to cheat 
the people."

In the case of the Internet, we have seen a system set up to
operate anarchically and without "toll gates", with free use to
the public a by-product of military-industrial-academic 
communication, gradually lose its original raison d'etre as the
cold war thawed and trickled away. What remained were the wide
open cyber-spaces, just waiting to be staked out by the small 
farmers and then fenced off by the cattle barons. Alas, most of 
the claimants of all sizes were motivated by greed. At the same 
time that the media giants were gathering their forces for
Armageddon, the snipers were signing up as many desirable
addresses as they could think of in order to sell them later to 
the highest bidder. The Internet is turning into post-Soviet 
Russia minus (so far) the bloodshed.

Perhaps those of us who loved the old cyber-west had best be 
moseying along. Lonely are the brave.

John Whiting
Diatribal Press

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