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        The ACLU has written a letter to the three judges in Shea v. Reno
implying that they should stay their decision until their Philadelphia
case can be decided, I have learned tonight, and have so informed our
attorney, Randall Boe, who is in New York.  Coming on the eve of the case,
it is of course improper and somewhat evil in intent, but probably
meaningless. Good judges don't make decisions based on when the ACLU is
ready for them.

        You'll remember that we declared our commitment to challenge the
law on June 14, about six months ahead of the ACLU.  We don't know what
the judges will do, but some of you who support the ACLU should know just
how desperate they are.  Perhaps we'll write their judges and ask them to
delay their decision in ACLU v. Reno until our case is decided. The ACLU
doesn't want anyone to speak for First Amendment or any other
Constitutional rights except themselves.

        What it reveals is that they do this kind of stuff for the p.r.
value, hoping it will get tens of thousands of new memberships for them.
If they had a true commitment to the Constitution, they would happily
surrender their issue about how much work they have done to get a ruling
now, and to end any threat to the Constitution as swiftly as possible.
The implication of their letter is opposed by William Hoffman, the U.S.
Atty. in the New York case, we understand from our side. It is quite an
"unusual" tactic.


Joe Shea
The American Reporter

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