Charges Dropped Against Phil Zimmermann (fwd)


Henry Huang

>>From EPIC Alert 3.01: A (rare) victory for privacy and cyber-liberties!



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[1] FLASH -- Charges Dropped Against Phil Zimmermann

The federal government has dropped all charges against Phil Zimmermann,
the author of the popular encryption program Pretty Good Privacy.  In
a letter addressed to Zimmermann's attorney Philip L. Dubois, federal
prosecutors Michael Yamaguchi and William P. Keane wrote that " The U.S. 
Attorney's Office in the Northern District of California has decided 
that your client, Philip Zimmermann, will not be prosecuted in 
connection with the posting to USENET in June 1991 of the encryption 
program Pretty Good Privacy.  The investigation is closed."

Mr. Zimmermann told the EPIC Alert that he was "greatly relieved." The 
software programmer, who has become a folk hero to hundreds of thousands
Internet users as he has also lived daily with the threat of federal 
indictment said, "I am thrilled and elated by the decision."

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