Announcements [cr-95/10/13]


Pointers from moderator:

Internet Law Symposium 95 will be held in Seattle, Washington on
October 30-31.  While the bulk of talks seem to be aimed toward
commercial use, some are on civil liberties and the proposed Internet
Law Task Force.  (For more information on the ILTF idea, see our ftp
site, directory Re-Legislation, file ILTF_Purpose.)  John Perry Barlow
and Jerry Berman will speak.  Email me if you want to see the
announcement.  You can find information online at:

A new organization is trying to ensure that new media offer access to
people's cultural heritage.  You can visit the Web site of the
Research Agenda for Cultural Heritage on Information Networks at:

or join their mailing list by sending mail to •••@••.•••
with this in the body of the message:

        subscribe agenda email-address


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