Wanted: Your comments on “Intimidation or Free Speech” [cr-95/11/14]


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> My friend kindly assisted me by loaning me his e-mail address so I could
> call for help because I have been suddenly cut off from the Net by my
> Internet Service Provider as a result of heavy intimidation from certain
> people who objected to receiving my message.

Your ISP has no more responsibilities to you -- nor you to it -- than are
laid out in the contract you signed when your account was opened.  You
admit you sent unsolicited bulk email to a large number of people, which
is a gross violation of netiquette and grounds for account termination in
every ISP contract I've ever seen or signed.  What does *your* ISP
contract say about conditions for termination?

> You may one day find yourself embroiled in this escalating issue with your
> internet service provider.

I doubt it; I'm not trying to make quick bucks by abusing the Internet.

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