Various announcements [cr-95/11/17]


Pointers from moderator:

The Legal Group for the Internet in Canada (LoGIC) calls on authors of legal
essays and articles to submit their work for presentation on the World Wide
Web.   Look at or ask me
for a copy of their complete notice.

I think the proposed U.S. Senate bill about medical records strikes at
the deepest of cyber-rights issues.  We know that computers and
central networks are being used to hold more and more information.  We
also know that power is being concentrated in larger and larger
institutions across the world.  The question is: how do we create a
world where we can trust these institutions to handle the information
fairly and responsibly?  (Unless you can find a way to turn the clock
back on either trend.)  I encourage everybody to read the new material
I've been accumulating about the medical records act on our ftp site,
directory Re-Legislation, file Medical-Records.


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