Universal access to email explored [cr-95/11/22]


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On November 21 RAND, a nonprofit policy research and analysis organization,
released a report called Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility and
Societal Implications.  The report includes the following policy

*       that the United States address the ever-widening gaps in access to
*       that we develop simple means to provide e-mail to every citizen.
*       that we create incentives to develop multiple access points (home, work,
         schools, kiosks) to e-mail.
*       that we support development of noncommercial activities via e-mail and
         the Internet (i.e. civic participation).
*       that we emphasize two-way communication on the National Information
         Infrastructure as a hook for increasing democratic participation and
         increased use of all Internet services.

The report concludes that this goal is both reachable and vital for
increased democratic participation and economic development.

The report is available from the National Book Network (800.462.6420) --
use reference number MR-650-MF.  The book is also available from
RAND Distribution Services
PO Box 2138
Santa Monica, CA  90407-2138
310.451.6915 (fax)

Direct questions to:
Jess Cook
310.451.6988 (fax)

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