Unfortunate metaphors, or the Information Forest [cr-95/11/08]


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>The White Paper makes various recommendations for legislative changes which
>it hopes will grease the onramps to the Information Highway.

This "greasing" is presumably done so that people attempting to steer
high-performance equipment onto the Information Highway skid off the
Information Embankment and crash into the Information Tree, producing an
Information Fireball.

Can't we find a better metaphor? This one has all the wrong connotations. I
suggest that we concentrate on the fact that the Net in its current state
is the evolutionary outgrowth of a distributed effort by thousands of
participants rather than any central planning agency, and call it the
Information River or the Information Forest. Most people believe that if
you go in and try to micromanage a forest, it is possible to destroy the
very thing that makes it a unique and special place. That's just as true of
the Net. Words are weapons; if you accept this bit of terminology of Gore
and company you've already lost the battle of ideas.

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