rkm re: media conglomerates [cr-95/9/21]


Richard Moore

At 8:04 AM 9/21/95, •••@••.••• (Allan Bradley) wrote:

>Why [are there] no
>objective working models of new technology infrastructure distribution
>allocations?  When something as important as the way we will function as a
>society is at stake, why aren't there any models?

Believe me, there are models.  But they're proprietary to the conglomerates
who will capitalize on them, _exactly_ as with the "railroad industry of
the nineteenth century".  Where's Jesse James when you need him??

>Furthermore, it should a function of this or other forums to be a
>"watchdog" with regard to a deregulated market , that no one commercial
>organization or a coalition of commercial organizations imposes an unfair
>market advantage and becomes a "defacto regulatory body" in monopolizing
>advanced technology distribution standards.

All I can say is, good luck!

At 8:00 AM 9/21/95, •••@••.••• (Richard L. Emery) wrote:

>Basic, high school supply-
>and-demand economics would prove otherwise.  Let's not fall for the old adage:
>"If it's in print, it must be true."
>This one snippet certainly weighs lightly against the evidence that
>deregulation provides the best choice at the best price for the consumer.

What does high-school economics have to do with the real world?
Deregulation has nothing to do with enabling competitive free-market
forces, and everything to do with establishing monopolies.

The "one snippet" happens to be a _fact_, the bane of fundamentalist
zealots, free-market or otherwise.

And what, pray tell, is the evidence that "deregulation provides the best
choice at the best price for the consumer" -- what a novel theory!

Pac Bell & GTE, by the way, are applying for "rate relief" under a
_regulatory_ system.  That's the problem with regulation, that the process
is dominated by mega corporations -- a solution is needed, but it's not to
give them a free reign (:>).


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