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>This "greasing" is presumably done so that people attempting to steer
>high-performance equipment onto the Information Highway skid off the
>Information Embankment and crash into the Information Tree, producing an
>Information Fireball.
>Can't we find a better metaphor? This one has all the wrong connotations.

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A better (but still not good) metaphor for the internet was coined by an
eWorld user.  "Information Gravel Path"

I think the best metaphors for the Internet are two that are commonly used
among the 'Net community and often ignored by the popular media:

a sea

a web (or net)

The sea captures the anarchic quality of the 'Net.  And also can tell the
listener just how easy it is to get lost in netLand.

The Web or Net metaphor implies more order than we really have on the
Internet.  It seems our governments like this metaphor more than the Sea.

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