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>The following posting is long, so I have cut the major background material
>part titled "The Jesse Hirsh Case").  However, the whole document is on
our ftp
>site in the Net-Suppression directory under the name Anarchives-on-Arrest.
>encourage you to read it because it says a lot about the rights of
computer and
>Internet users.

I read the post you so kindly took the time to provide, Andy. However, I'm
not quite sure what it really says about the rights of computer and
Internet users. It may have more to say about Canadian law enforcement, the
unauthorized use of a  computer newtwork account, and the authority of a
college's network administrator to set and enforce use policies.

While arresting the poor guy does sound extreme, I hope he isn't as naive
in real life as his post would make him appear. Someone also needs to
inform him that the "Amerikka" spelling became passe about 1970. Expanding
his vocabulary beyond four-letter words might not hurt either.

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