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>some of us continue to use hurtful and nasty words for
>"shock" value thereby helping to keep them alive and well and their use
>thriving for those who use them strictly for their hate value.   If we did
>not use them ...we could
>probably wipe many words out of our society's vocabulary in a very short
>time.  Unfortunately, this is naive thinking and I know  it.

>Mature adults should be able to recognize
>inhumanity to our fellow man and pornography when we encounter it.   I can't
>help but feel that we need to take some responsiblity for not only our own
>actions but those of members of our community.  It IS possible to communicate
>and express an opinion without using certain words for shock value and

I dunno.  Looks to me as if you are telling me the way I should express
myself.  You disapprove of *any* use of certain words, from the highest
of motives.  I feel differently.  You feel your viewpoint ought to prevail
and that I should censor myself to conform to your sensibilities.
Censorship in a fine suit of clothes.

The hard thing about living in the uncensored world is that we have to let
other people do things that seem offensive to us (like read and produce
pornography).  We have to learn to get along with people who are doing
things we wish they wouldn't do.  It cannot matter whether our objections
are religious or aesthetic.  People just hate having to keep their noses
out of other peoples' business.

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