Re: Summary and looking ahead [cr-95/10/19]


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how about sending the original, uncensored message, labelled as
"Uncensored", followed by your altered version? Readers can select the one
which satisfies their preferences/prejudices.


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>Any seconds?

The seconds are ticking fact, some have already ticked off & left!

But, for what it's worth, I think you're 100% right.  Who knows, I might even
participate again.  (Tho I'm not sure anyone left here will see that as a

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fXrst tX mXkX Xt pXst thX cXnsXr sXncX XXgXst!




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Subject: Re: Summary and looking ahead [cr-95/10/19]

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>I am not deeply offended to have my words censored.  It is however an object
>lesson in the dangers of censorship.  I selected those words deliberately
>for their shock value.  The entire artistic point of the paragraph was that
>people were shocked by the stereotyping of people as <ethnic slur>s, but
>were not shocked by the stereotyping of information as lewd or immoral.
>When you get right down to it, both are equally reprehensible.  We are in
>the unfortunate position of having to retrain an entire population to a new
>kind of sensitivity to perjorative labels.

Come on Kurt, nice try, but we are the generation that COULD have retrained
an entire population to a new kind of sensitivy but, sadly, are choosing not
to do it.  Instead some of us continue to use hurtful and nasty words for
"shock" value thereby helping to keep them alive and well and their use
thriving for those who use them strictly for their hate value.   If we did
not use them and made it known to our children, family, friends and everyone
else we ever talked to that we would not tolerate their use,  we could
probably wipe many words out of our society's vocabulary in a very short
time.  Unfortunately, this is naive thinking and I know  it.

Andy made a stab at letting us know he did not approve, but if he were acting
as a true censor, he would have simply cut the words out and left blank
spaces.  Instead he chose to use a combination of letters and **'s  so that
we all knew what the words were anyway.  He gave us all his opinion without
totally censoring and just maybe we could all take a lesson from him whether
or not we think it is appropriate behavior for the moderator of a lis ton

As electronic media users and a vast global community that hopes to survive
truly uncensored by the US Government (or anyone else) maybe it is time to
stand up and be counted!  Mature adults should be able to recognize
inhumanity to our fellow man and pornography when we encounter it.   I can't
help but feel that we need to take some responsiblity for not only our own
actions but those of members of our community.  It IS possible to communicate
and express an opinion without using certain words for shock value and

If pictures, names, addresses and home phone numbers had to be on everything
that went out over the Net I wonder how much of a concern censorship would
even be.  How much of a problem would child porn (or any generally conceived
borderline porn) be if all the community could easily identify who posted it
and who was downloading it.   Anonymity brings out the worst of society and
not the best.
 ::::hopping down off soapbox now::::::


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