Re: Scientology causes seizure of FACTNet system [cr-95/8/25]


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> This is bizarre.  I greatly value the opportunity to speak with
> individuals with a perspective from outside of America, gained from my
> residence outside of the continental US for 25 years of my life.  Wherever
> YVES has found the contrary perception came from no thoughts, words, or
> actions that are mine in any remote sense.

Vigdor, please don't take this for a blanket condemnation. There is much
we agree with in your positions. But as you see, I was certainly not the
only one to get that reading from your post... the more so since it's a
mind-frame which is far too frequent (and certainly involuntary) among
your fellow Americans. You are far from the worst on this... but it
happened that your post was the one which became the proverbial "straw
that broke the camel's back".

So please forgive the somewhat impatient tone, and try to think a little
more of us furriners when you throw things especially at lists which have
a declared international scope, such as cyber-rights and CPSR-global. 8-)

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