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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995
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The "PROFS Notes" Case & Retention of Federal Records

The PROFS Notes case has sought to prevent the destruction of Federal and
Presidential Records and to establish management of Electronic records
consistent with the Federal Records law and Legislative intent. The most
recent posting presents the legal case to stop the National Security
Council from declaring that it is not a Federal Agency and therefore exempt
from provisions of the Federal Records Act.

You can periodically receive breaking news on the case as well as related
issues by subscribing to this list. [Sorry, but I picked this off of
another list -- that did not give the listname for this item.  Have
requested it and will include it in a later GovAccess, if/when I get it.

Among the current posting that you will receive are:

1) The Court decision that overturned an agreement between the National
Archives and George Bush that would have allowed the former president to
destroy electronic Federal and Presidential records on computer tapes.

2) The Society of American Archivists Position paper on electronic records.

3) Specification for the Vision of future of the Electronic Record
Preservation Archive.

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