Re: New way to dramatize the need to fight censorship [cr-95/10/3]


Recently I told you all about a Web page I was working on that would
offer a hard-hitting criticism of the Communications Decency Act and
related bills.

I've finished the page, although it is always open to suggestions.
It's broad rather than deep, but I think it represents a contribution
to the Internet debate because it is more up-to-date than the other
Web pages I look at regularly on the censorship issue.

Check out:

I haven't advertised it yet or attached it to the Cyber-Rights Web
page, because I want to give everybody a little time to read it and
comment.  Thanks to many people who commented and helped: Craig
Johnson, Richard Moore, Henry Huang, Connie Page, Don Porter, and
T. Bruce Tober.  I take responsibility for mistakes or flawed


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