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>With all due respect, could you briefly, in short bullets, summarize
>the issue, potential problems and remedies, in non-legalese....for
>all of us non-lawyers out here?

I'm sorry. The letter, while far from legalese (I've seen some dandies), was
necessarily complex in order to be as accurate and precise as possible. I
thought it was clear. To assist those who thought otherwise, here's the deal:

Allan Rock is behind a Bill in Parliament that will amend the Canadian
Criminal Code. Part of the Bill will revise the law of search and seizure of
computer systems and data. The Bill reflects profound ignorance of computers
and computer communication.

It has the potential to create conflict with foreign law. It will greatly
diminish the privacy rights of Canadians in their electronic information. In
certain circumstances, it will allow search and seizure of computer data
without requiring that a judge first issue a warrant. And it could force
people to incriminate themselves by providing the police access to their
password-protected or encrypted data.

Not very nice, is it? That's why LoGIC (The Legal Group for the Internet in
Canada) has sent the following letter. It was mailed to the Minister of
Justice (Hon. Allan Rock), the Department of Justice's advisor on computer
law (Donald Piragoff), the Federal Privacy Commissioner (Bruce Phillips),
and the local Member of Parliament (Tony Ianno).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

P.S. The Bill was "C-118" during the last session, but it will be issued a
new number this time around. I do not yet know what it is.

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