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>All of this pleads not for a government hands-off policy, but on the
>contrary for judicious and publicly-controlled government intervention. As
>far as I know, the better-informed countries are those where both private
>and public information channels exist side by side with comparable scope,
>for instance England, Canada or France since part of its TV system was

A better informed country is exactly what we should be striving for. An
amendment or addition to the Freedom of Info act declaring that All
sen/reps etc have homepages and email addresses that are monitored and
displays ALL their activities on Capital Hill including voting records and
voting tallies for the upcoming votes. Sure the would demand thousands of
dollars for each to maintain it, but they would syphon that money from us
anyway. Lets make it do some good. We have the ability to be well-informed
and make decisions based on the fact that we have been given the necessary
data to make that decision. Now, we make decisions based on name
recognition, party affiliation and which had the best commercial during
campaign time. This would show us all if our rep is representing us. AND
you know.... if it isnt acted into law-they woulnt do it. We had to force
the freedom of info act on them in much the same manner.


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