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(Quoting me:)
>news editors ... are basically moved by three factors, none
>of which is acceptable as a basis for fair information of the public:
>a) Personal likes, dislikes and beliefs.
>b) Advertising and commercial considerations.
>c) Sensationalism.
     Probably even more important than these is:
d) assumptions about what is considered to be "news"
e) assumptions about what can people be expected to read
     Much deeper and more important in most media selection than the overt
use of power and influence -- and even the craven anticipation of power and
influence-- are the common, generally-accepted definitions of what kinds of
things are real, what kinds of information is palatable for a particular
public, and what in fact constitutes "information." (...)
Quite right, but you're digging deeper here in the workings of the 
information mechanisms of our societies than I intended too. After over 
30 years in this trade, I have to agree... and it tends to bolster rather 
than weaken the rest of my argument.


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