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Karl's lines about "If you can't stand the marketing, get out of the
marketplace" ends up making the post to which he was responding much more
frightening than it already was: in an age where trans- or meta-national
corporations are extending their reach in an ambitious variety of ways,
it's getting harder to get out of this marketplace.  Karl's later
suggestion for relying on freenets is one I support; such groups are
readily in opposition to megacorporations.  Perhaps a careful watching of
the FRONTLINE episode will reveal a greater development of this tension.

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan


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>This upcoming program reveals a facet to the information highway
>that sounds Orwellian -- subscribers to Prodigy, AOL, etc. are
>having their "every move" recorded.  The reason?  To better sell
>to you

Indeed. Better provide services and goods to you, or to watch for any
expression of your first amendment rights? It was true that AOL cooperated
with the FBI earlier this year (albiet for a good cause, but do you think the
feds stopped at just child porn?) And now they are tracking every move by
every member. Just think, every move I make, every word I type, every file I
download, *EVERYTHING* I do is being monitored. First its the credit card
companies, next its Federal officers watching to see if I say anything
negative about the sad state of affairs in American Government. If I could, I
would leave this country. I may not be able to access the internet from
Siberia, but at least everything I do in the privacy of my own dacha couldn't
be monitored. Shit even the KGB had to stop somewhere.

Can anyone help me find an ISP in America that ISN'T a total sellout?

Censornati, Ohio

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