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Who wrote this...?

>        Which is exactly the problem. I would invite all to pick up a copy
>of Lawrence K. Grossman's recently published book, _The Electronic Democracy_.
>Leaving the big decisions to a few puts people "out of direct decision making
>and diminishes public participation and involvement." Like what is going
>on >now.
>This revolution has the chance to be led by everyone with a PC, a number
>that grows every day.

This is raw fact. It is this kind of objective we need to not only get
behind but educate people that this is what America, for one, was founded
upon. We are not seeking violent revolution by wanting change. In fact,
this particular change is moving towards a more accurate representation of
what the US Constitution really IS!

Participation by many, at a much more direct level is at hand. If our govt
sterilizes the effectiveness of the Internet, they are enforcing, more
violently and aggressively than us, the fact that they want to maintain the
unsatisfactory status quo (politics as usual). They dont want to move
towards democracy, but are wanting fascist leanings. Their direct control
with token democracy every two years with no actual control or voice in
each given issue. The amount of control we have is frighteningly small. The
real power would be more widely distributed and dispersed back to the
people. I dont think they want that to happen and know the Internet right
now is an excellent catalyst do do just that. Let me hear what each of you


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