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>     "We will work with our foreign counterparts to achieve justice,"
>Reno added.  "International teamwork is being applied to international

Okay, I was wondering what the CPSR position is on the wiretaps? Do yau all
think, like I that the DOJ's use of taps to find this guy was a perfectly
legit use of modern technology or do you all believe that they overstepped
the right of an Argentine national to snoop into "sensitive" files pertaining
indirectly to National Security?

I guess I must clarify my position. I am of the belief that since I don't
hack, or do anything else illegal on-line, that if the DOJ deems it necessary
to watch me and my actions on-line, they are perfectly welcome to. If a
police officer was to knock on my door, and state that he had reson to
believe that an illegal activity was occuring in my residence, I would invite
him in and urge him to find the activity. There would be no *need* for a
search warrant. The only people, IMHO, who need to worry about wiretaps are
the people who are going to get caught doing something that they shouldn't.
It's like the old saying, "If you play with fire, you're going to get

Or at least that's *my* spin on things.

The one, the only,

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