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hi, fellow criminals.

i have problems with the whole idea of this kind of fcc regulation.  i don't
see how our own moderator can be suggesting that we endorse: 1, having anyone
eliminate complete competition in order to do anything.  2, an
unconstitutional fcc grab at mandated pricing for anyone.  3, that the fcc
dictate what an isp can and cannot charge and charge for.  4, that the fcc
determine what we can and cannot use our bandwidth for, and how we structure
our transmissions.  5, more legislation to force the tv industry to use
another system because the fcc says so.
we don't need price fixing or madates about the services and isp may provide.
 besides, how do you suppose we're going to determine if 'discounted
institutions' are getting their discount?  and how can you justify price
fixing since prices now depend on many things, among them the assistance
provided to users.  all service help would fall to the
lowest-common-denominator since charging less for the same help wouldn't
work.  no, wait!  i know!  the fcc could mandate that all isps must provide a
certain amount and quality of help services!  and then the fcc could spend
billions upon billions inspecting these isps where they are, and could even
log on through one of their own little sheep to inspect web sites to make
sure that no one is giving above average help and flying chickens and we can
all play facists and can i dress up as a nazi can i can i can i?
sorry.  i'm nowhere near lucid right now and those accumulated neuro-toxins
are really having an effect.  one tip, though.  try reading it from 'no,
wait! . . . ' in a manic voice and then from 'and flying chickens . . . ' in
a voice that would make beavis sound like ghandi.  that's how i was thinking
anyway, that was a complete thought up until i had that 'flying chicken'
thing pop into my head.
alright, here's my thought : any type of regulation won't be too successful
because isps don't have public property contracts, or anything else of phone
companies, so they can't be strongarmed into becoming one with the relish,
oonnee  wwiitthh  tthhee  rreelliisshh       i . . . i, uh, mean one with the
regulations, since they are private enterprize, private sofware, private
FREAKIN' *C*A*L*L*S*!!!!!!!!!
to recap (alright, alright, so i'm only stopping here because if asked to
write my name right now i would have to reach for the 'n-o' (n throught o)
section of the oxford english dictionary), even if i believed that the fcc
should be politiking monopolies on the net, i would have to fight to the
contrary because we have a right to tell them to fuck themselves if they do
anything stupid.  i don't believe that, however, so you don't have to call me
crazy.  no, it is i who am

a propane chicken, fly- fly- flying awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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