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>>As I see it, there is no way that America Online, Compuserve, IQuest and
>others will be >able to match the AT&T offer;
>        I must have missed something because I didn't see anything original
>in the "5 hours free, $19.95 unlimited" offer. Seriusly, could you please
>explain to the uninitiated how exactly will they be able to monopolize net
>traffic? I find it hard to believe any one business will ever be able to
>monopolize this business.

I was wondering about that too. I don't know where you are but here in
Houston (one of the densest areas in the country for competing ISP's...
over 70 at last count have at LEAST a POP here) $19.95/month is almost
top-end! I can easily get $14.95/month here and I saw one ad last week for
$9.95/month unlimited PPP.
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