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dicedpuppy wrote:

true, congress and the pres aren't trying to interfere with net economics,
but the fcc is.  and as i said in a previous letter, our own "leadership"
suggested interference by the fcc in economics. 
        I'd just parenthetically comment that the FCC does little that 
doesn't reflect pressure from indivdual Congressmen who are prompted to 
act by their big contributors in the long distance arena.

        The rest of the post was right on, but I would warn you against
trying to write a press release by committee.  Write a strong statement,
get it approved by a consensus, and send it to the main major media 
mailing lists.

        VON is just the first of many dominoes that are going to fall on 
user's heads.  In another post somewhere today, I read about plans pushed 
by the Exon staff to have a new router used by ISP's that would identify
"indecent" sites -- but also alter some of the fundamental architecture 
of the Net.

        That latter issue is the way the big guys will go, and that the FCC
will make possible:  fundamental changes in the architecture, an "American 
Net," and systems that exclude a host of applications that would make our 
lives easier, like VON.  This is the way of the world.  Our real answer 
is to start now cobbing together a brand new Internet that somehow 
replaces the long distance phone lines in the scheme of things -- 
possibly by assessing ISP's and their users for satellite time.  
Eventually, we'd have to launch our own, and a lot of them, to carry the
Net as we know it will become, but in that not-too-distant future, a 
completely American-owned proprietary net run by the telcos and feeding
on the long distance rate-cutting schemes will be the only alternative to 
what we now enjoy.  In the space of 30 years, the telcos could be 
overcome, I think, but it will take someone with the vision to recreate 
the original Arpanet for ther Thiurd Millemnium.


Joe Shea
The American Reporter

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