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Andy, Craig and Steve's excellent paper cleared up my thinking
a lot.  I have a few comments and questions, mostly just so that
we can understand each other better.

> Attempts to single it out and regulate it could prove harmful to
> technological progress in digital networking.  It would also be
> technically difficult to administer.

Did we hear the point on this list that it is *impossible* to
administer technically?  That's why they want to make it illegal.

Is that your point here:

> 1. Real-time audio transmissions on the Internet cannot be banned.

> 2. Metering presents technological challenges.

That's putting it mildly. The only way to meter is to meter the whole
bit stream, audio, visual, telephony and text.  The meter has to be on
the ISP side or it can be defeated and the ISP can't tell what's in
the bit stream.

> Regulation of the Internet
> We do not argue that the FCC has no jurisdiction over the Internet.

Is it hopeless to argue this point?  Or do you think that the FCC
*should* have jurisdiction?  I'm just curious.

> We certainly subscribe to the principles that funding of the telephone
> infrastructure must be assured, and that pricing of services should be
> equitable.  But the use of the Internet for audio conversations is

Does this mean that you don't think that the internet infrastructure
should be allowed to subsume the telephone infrastructure?

Thanks for all the thoughts.
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