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CR> Subject: Internet Regulation?

CR> how do they expect to regulate an international medium?

Firstly, by setting standards that others will follow: most countries are
quite confused about cyberspace (at least the governments are) and
worried by it. As I said before, if ever there is a Tiananmen Square in
cyberspace, the students will have the more powerful tanks. So, it will
be convenient for the Chinese and Indian governments to say that "even"
the US has laws restricting cyberspace in such and such a way.

Secondly, by funding enabling technologies. That is key, because without
that, laws will have no teeth. We already see clipper-like legislation
appearing in Europe. If Clipper becomes the norm in the US, the rest of
the world will fall in. Same goes for the funding of the FBI wiretapping.
Once the technology exists, the rest of the world will use it too.

This is why the US situation is so important for us all.

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