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> So, did they say or do anything destructive at this meeting, or is Mark just
> grumpy that he didn't get to speak?  What actually was discussed at the
> meeting, and was the result good or bad for freedom, justice and the
> cyberspacial way?

After reading Mark's post, I went and had a look at the Aspen conference 
contents (found it through the EFF site, by way of Yahoo). And he is 
right by, I would say, 95%. It was a setup. And it worked to a large extent.
Even if they had let him speak, it would have worked:

a) Mark doesn't want to see the very real changes brought about by new
global digital communications, so he won't integrate them into his
thinking, which IMHO makes him vulnerable.

b) The people who defined the terms of discussion arranged them very 
cleverly so they would get the desired results, even from their 
opponents. Speakers were drawn on the New Right's terrain, and induced 
(though with some resistance, notably from people like Barlow) to discuss 
the sacred character of private property, the all-embracing free-market 
ideology and the obsolescence of government as if these were eternal truths.

c) The dice were heavily loaded by PFF people and their "business-
thinker" allies (such as Dyson, Toffler and the New West group) holding 
all the moderator-animator positions.

Not to say that nothing interesting came of it. These are intelligent 
people, and some of their points are valid. But we should take it in the 
same spirit Muslims read the Bible: know thine enemy.

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