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Sounds like a promising initiative.  (Anyone care to ask Tom what 
effect he thinks the "indecency" censorship standard will have on 
online education?)


Date:          Thu, 4 Jan 1996 00:52:51 -0500
From:          •••@••.••• (Tom Kalil)
Subject:       NetDay

Please support NetDay96!!

What is NetDay?

*  On March 9, 1996, thousands of parents, engineers, and other
volunteers will spend a Saturday deploying networks in California's
schools. Companies such as AT&T, MCI and AOL have agreed to provide a
free year of access to the Net.

How can I sign-up?

*  You can get more information and sign up to help a school at
http://www.  There is a "home page" for each of the
10,000 California K-12 schools.  Please consider adding a link to your
internal or external Web servers.

Is wiring the schools enough?

*  NetDay is an important first step.  We also need to increase the
number of computers in the classroom, develop compelling educational
applications related to the curriculum, and train teachers to use this
new technology effectively.  Hopefully NetDay will serve as a catalyst
for relationships that go well beyond March 9th.

Who supports NetDay?

*  NetDay has been endorsed by President Clinton, Vice President Gore,
the California State Superintendent, and over 100 of California's
leading companies, unions, and educational institutions.  It was
announced following a meeting the President and Vice President held
with a number of high-tech CEOs on September 21st.

Why are computers and networks important for our schools?

* They have the potential to change the way our teachers teach and
students learn.  Students engage in a more "active" style of learning.
 They are able to take virtual field trips, collaborate with their
peers all over the world on projects, browse through digital
libraries, "do" science instead of just reading about it, publish
their writing on the Internet, and participate in "Ask a Scientist"
programs.  Teachers are able to exchange lesson plans with other
teachers, communicate more frequently with parents, and keep up with
developments in their field.

P.S.  NetDay may also prove to be a useful model for a new kind of
politics. It is:

On-line, but impacts the "real-world";

Decentralized and self-organizing - since each of the 10,000 school
home pages becomes the nexus for community action and communication;

Results-oriented; and

Designed to promote accountability, since on-line maps wil eventually
show the level of activity across the state.

So -- please sign up and help out!

Thomas Kalil Director to the National Economic Council The White House
Washington, DC 20500 (p) (202) 456-2802 (f) (202) 456-2223

"What do we want?  Bandwidth!  When do we want it?  Now!"