McFadden replies to “slim minority” [cr-960103]


Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996
Sender: Mark McFadden <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: "Christian Right" (viewpoint) [cr-951231]

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Craig wrote:
>You represent a very slim minority among the "religious right,"
>which is in direct opposition to the viewpoint of the primary
>right-wing "Christian" lobby, the Christian Coalition, which is
>loaded for bear with prescriptions about how all the rest of us
>should lead our lives.

First, I am not an apologist for the Christian Coalition. I certainly do no
agree with the idea that any group should "control" the lives of anyone.
Secondly, and I understand your statement, my viewpoint is not as slim a
minority as one might think. It may be the less vocal or rather the less apt
to have an organized voice.

>They can express whatever they wish, and do so freely throughout the
>halls of Congress.  It is well known that House Judiciary Chair Henry
>Hyde (R-IL) has been relentlessly doing the CC's bidding.


>The Exon
>"communications decency" act was considered too "liberal" for this
>bunch of stuffed-shirt pollyannas, who are capitalizing upon the Net
>community's political ineptness

Here, I think we underestimate ourselves. In fact, many of my so-called
Right winger friends and associates don't care what is on the Net. They just
wnat to know that there are barriers to protect thier children from what has
been reported, and exploited to the hilt I might add,  as preditory and
harmful material and people against their children.

I assure them that this itself is a slim minority on the Net and the best
way to "censure" this is to be a responsible parent and lovingly monitor
your children's "surfing."  In addition to this, their are many software
packages available that help in this endeavor.

>rkm wrote:
>> It's all too easy for us citizens to divide into enemy camps, and
>> then be played off against one another in legislative rhetoric.
>> Mark reminds us to look for ways to find solidarity.  It someone's
>> ignorance is our enemy, then contact and education may be our weapon
>> rather than opposition or derision.]

Craig wrote:
>I could not disagree more with regard to the organized lobby of the
>Christian Coalition.  Contact and education *has* had no effect on
>this predatory interest group.

Then perhaps an appeal to the public and Christian community at large?
Again, people need to know that this is not an attempt to support preditory
elements against their children.

>Please...  There is a time for everything -- a time for "contact and
>education" and a time for "opposition and derision."  Guess which
>time it is now?

I still think, and forgive my naivety, that "opposition and derision" only
opposes a sensible approach.

Just a note of thanks to all on this listserv. Your politeness to my
viewpoints is greatly appreciated. To many on the Right, this would come as
a great surprise. This is no doubt the result of the those on the Right
pandering to fears. This is sad.

Mark McFadden


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