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Richard Moore

>From: •••@••.••• (Marilyn Davis)
Subject: Re: Call The White House Now
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995

Dear Cyber-rights,

Howard Rheingold's stimulating article confuses me here:

>        Congress will almost certainly send to the President a
>telecommunications reform bill that can send people to jail for two years
>and fine them $100,000 for mentioning the seven words that are forbidden
>from radio and television. Mention of abortion, condoms or safe sex are
>almost certain to be the next items forbidden. American universities, on
>the advice of their attorneys will turn off all Internet access for their
>students as soon as the law goes into effect.

If the jail term is directed to the author of the offensive language,
why would the university shut down?

Can't I spoof lots of offensive email *from* Newt?

No confusion here:

>        Legislators have failed to uphold their oath to defend the

Indeed!  I'm quite clear that this bill's many prongs are pointing
toward complete loss of freedom.

Given the global acceptance of Howard's line, how will this help:

>citizens write, call, and fax the President now and urge him to veto the
>telecommunications deregulation bill, we might not lose an opportunity to

I'm trying to assess this:

>telecommunications deregulation bill, we might not lose an opportunity to
>revitalize the democratic process and grow hundreds of thousands of small

I don't see how they can stop us if this is what we want -- unless
they manage to bring down everything.  But then what?
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