Filtering and censorship [cr-95/11/01]


Introduction from moderator:

Remember our discussion of SurfWatch and Net Nanny several months ago,
as a search for alternatives to government censorship?  The next
message promotes a related solution involving ratings.  To get the
background (how the whole system is supposed to work) visit the World
Wide Web Consortium's page at




Contact:   Ron Warris, President, Internet Filtering Systems, Inc.
phone:     1-403-258-5804, email: •••@••.•••


CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA -- October 30, 1995 -- Internet Filtering
Systems, Inc. (IFSI) today announced Net Shepherd, the first product
designed to democratically rate and filter World Wide Web sites and
selectively supervise access.

Net Shepherd is the first PICS-compliant rating and filtering
solution.  Under the auspices of The World Wide Web Consortium, PICS
(Platform for Internet Content Selection) is a cross-industry working
group whose goal is to facilitate the development of technologies to
give users control over the kinds of material to which they and their
children have access.

According to Ron Warris, president of IFSI, "There are a number of
companies offering filtering solutions. What is really needed is a
rating solution. How do you go about reviewing and rating 8.5 million
volatile documents on the Internet? Our approach will allow the people
who surf the Internet to be the people who rate the Internet. With Net
Shepherd, parents, educators and other concerned organizations will be
able to voluntarily participate in the rating process.

Mr. Warris continues, "Net Shepherd will also provide parents with the
ability to selectively filter documents viewed by their
children. Parents can choose from a variety of rating databases that
represent the accumulated ratings from others who hold similar views
and philosophies.  Organizations that wish to create rating databases
for their subscribers will also be able to use Net Shepherd. You'll be
able to subscribe to the Good Housekeeping database or the Lutheran
Church database or the ACLU database. Take your pick.

"The Internet has always been self-regulating and
special-interest-group oriented. Now the World Wide Web can be as

IFSI's mission is to become the preferred and premier provider of
Internet rating systems and services for individual consumers,
concerned groups and associations, as well as other filter software
developers. A World-Wide Web site currently contains basic information
about IFSI, and will evolve over the coming weeks into an extensive
resource for those interested in Internet content filtering. It is
located at URL



Pointer from moderator:

I just noticed a new group called news.admin.censorship.  Like most
Usenet newsgroups, this one is so loaded with trivial postings and
flames that it's hard to tell exactly what it was set up to discuss,
but it seems to be about cancelations and other ways of dealing with
posts that some people don't like.


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