Electronic networks and democracy [cr-95/11/08]


Introduction from moderator:

Given the debate we've had on this list about hyperdemocracy
(sometimes fairly emotional) I thought you'd be interested in seeing
another experiment along these lines.  Supposedly just a game!

America Online users can get to the game by going to the keyword



Date: 07 Nov 95 19:23:32 EST
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Subject: new political game on Web
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You folks should know about a new participatory politcal game on the Web. It's
called "Reinventing America" and it gives citizens a chance to deliberate and
then decide on difficult issues -- namely the ones involved in how to balance
the federal budget!

The format is a game and we are all players, going through every program and
deciding whether they should be slashed or maintained or increased. The game
runs for the next 26 weeks on Time Warner's Pathfinder. At the end, all players
from each of 7 citizen action groups will come to consensus on a single plan.
The results will be reported to the actual Congress.

Visit the site and register to play today --

The election season is now upon us, folks. Let's make sure this new medium of
ours can be used for intelligent deliberation, not just spouting off into the

This experiment is funded by the non-profit Markle Foundation and developed by
Crossover Technologies. For more details, I can answer questions.

Evan I. Schwartz

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