Democracy Network of Iran (DNI) [cr-95/11/13]


Pointer from moderator:

A new organization has been founded to promote free speech in Iran.
Their charter says:

        Democracy Network of Iran is a net-based network of
        individuals with focus on social, economical and political
        developments in Iran or in relation to Iran, advocating
        creation of truly democratic processes in political and social

A long description, along with a petition, has been sent to me by
G.S. Aikens <•••@••.•••>.  It is now on our ftp site under
the Synergistic-Organizations directory with the filename
Democracy-Network-of-Iran.  They also have a Web page at and are taking requests for
information at •••@••.•••.  To join the DNI mailing list, send
email to •••@••.••• with the following in the body of the

        Subscribe spi


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