Degrees of Freedom (fwd)


Henry Huang

Maybe the best take on the subject I've heard so far.  Forwarded
from the Cypherpunks list.



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At 5:27 PM 2/8/96, Alex Strasheim wrote:

>A split between a Western net and a Chineese net would have important
>political, cultural, and economic reprecussions;  it could be the
>cyberspatial version of the old iron curtain, with information policy
>rather than economic policy as a dividing line.

Given the massive number of "degrees of freedom" compared to earlier days
when the Iron Curtain "sort of" worked, albeit with lots of leaks, I see
little chance it can be pulled off.

The Chinese want a Bamboo Curtain, the Muslims want a Veiled Curtain, the
Jews want a Wailing Wall, and the Germans wanted barbed wire. It ain't
gonna work.

>We ought to speak out against this Chineese net, and start asking
>questions about Western companies that are collaborating in its

The usual suspects: SAIC, Wackenhut, NewsCorp, etc.

--Tim May

[This Bible excerpt awaiting review under the Communications Decency Act]
And then Lot said, "I have some mighty fine young virgin daughters. Why
don't you boys just come on in and do em right here in my house - I'll just
watch!"....Later, up in the mountains, the younger daughter said. "Dad's
getting old. I say we should do him." So the two daughters got him drunk and
did him all that night. Sure enough, Dad got em pregnant....Onan really
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his brother got all the credit, so he whacked off first....Remember, it's
not a good idea to have sex with your sister, your brother, your parents,
your pet dog, or the farm animals. [excerpts from the Old Testament, Modern
Vernacular Translation, TCM, 1996]

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