Davis: personal statement re/censorship [cr-951214]


Richard Moore

From: •••@••.••• (Marilyn Davis)
Subject: SF Rally
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995

Dear Neighbors,

At today's morning f2f, Jay Thorwaldson told us that there would be a
rally tomorrow in SF.  I wish I was going.  I wish I was giving a
speech.  If so, it would go like this:

I hate smut.  When the technology is ready so that I can prevent
smut from reaching my eyes in my home, I'll be all over it.  I
can't wait.

But legislation to censor the internet is a dangerous dangerous
permanent solution to a temporary problem.  A good temporary solution
will be to *not* allow your children to have access to the internet
for a few more years -- just until we get the filtering technology

If we put mechanisms in place to censor the net for smut, mechanisms
that reach into our homes and into our courts and fill our jails, we
put mechanisms in place that, when coupled with the conglomeration of
media that this telecommunications bill allows, we complete a facility
for implementing "big brother" control.  Once all this is in place, we
risk that a Rupert Murdoch, or some other egomaniac, or group of them,
will take a notion to censor everything we say to each other as well
as all the information we get.  We will be helpless to stop them.  Our
free society will end.

We can't allow this.  Instead, if we are a little bit patient, we can
implement a "many mothers" model of the net -- many community networks
making the plans and spending the money for their own communities;
these communities coming together to define the global objectives.

With this in mind, I ask Christians, and people of all faiths and
no faiths who are offended by smut, to have mercy on the pioneers of
the internet.  Give us a little time to get our own act together.
Preserve our freedoms so that we can build upon them and ensure them
and our free way of life.


If anyone has the inclination and opportunity to make these points
heard, I'd be grateful.
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