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An Invitation to CPSR Members,

CPSR members are invited to subscribe to a newly-created action list for
the Cyber-Rights National Working Group.  Interested members should send an
email message to Deputy Director Susan Evoy, •••@••.•••, indicating you
wish to subscribe to: •••@••.•••.  Susan will add you to
the list after confirming that your membership is current.

CPSR National Working Groups, such as Cyber-Rights, serve a dual function:
as pubic discussion forums and small-group action forums.  The current
mailing list, •••@••.•••, serves as the public forum for
discussion of cyber-rights issues by members and non-members alike.  A
smaller action list is now being established as a forum for CPSR members to
develop positions, research new issue areas and develop strategies for

Nothing is expected to change on the public discussion list.  The new
action list is intended to help fulfill the second part of the charter of
the Cyber-Rights National Working Group.  Members of the new action list
are expected to follow cyber-rights issues closely, participate in the
discussion, and actively carry out the decisions of the Working Group.

Under policies adopted by the CPSR Board of Directors, participation in
National Working Groups is limited to CPSR members.  Non-members who are
interested in participating in National Working Groups are invited to join
CPSR.  For membership information, send email to •••@••.•••.

National Working Groups may publish and issue position statements and press
releases, sponsor events and engage in other activities on behalf of the
Working Group.  Positions or statements issued by a Working Group must be
consistent with the positions and policies adopted by CPSR's Board of
Directors.  CPSR Board Chair Doug Schuler is the Board liaison to the
Cyber-Rights Working Group.

This discussion list, •••@••.•••, will remain an open forum for
members and non-membhers interested in discussing cyber-rights issues.

Members and non-members who have questions or concerns are welcome to
contact me directly at: •••@••.•••.

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