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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (Andria L. Fiegel)
Subject: Voyager's Webcast of the Media and Democracy Congress

As you are probably aware, the first Media & Democracy Congress is
beginning today in San Francisco. We're writing to let you know about a
live webcast that Voyager is broadcasting of the Congress through our
website at (the press release gives the details).

Participation is key to the success both of the Congress and this webcast.
We are eager to direct as many people as possible to this site during the
Congress so they can hear the simulcast sessions and more importantly, so
they can participate in these sessions themselves, asking questions of the

We ask that you point to our site and the webcast as well as participating
yourselves in the Q&A aspects of the sessions.

Our apologies for the form nature of this letter, we're trying to contact
as many people as possible in a short period of time. It would be a great
help if you could acknowledge this note and let us know if you will be able
to put a link to the webcast on your site.

Many thanks.

Andria Fiegel (•••@••.•••)
John Porter (•••@••.•••)
Nicole Phelps (•••@••.•••)
Cristina Merlo (•••@••.•••)

The Voyager Company announces a live "Webcast"
of The Media and Democracy Congress at February 29 - March 3.

February 29, 1996 -- Voyager announced today that it will  provide a live
webcast of The Media & Democracy Congress, where hundreds of media leaders
will gather to address the future of news and the role of journalists in
the new information order from Thursday, February 29th to Sunday, March
3rd.  Sponsored by the Markle Foundation and SoftBank Exposition and
Conference Co., Voyager will provide live coverage of plenary sessions and
selected workshops of the Congress via Progressive Network's RealAudio

Convening at San Francisco's Miyako Hotel, this first Media and Democracy
Congress will bring together editors, journalists,  producers, activists
and media-makers to address the future of news and the role of journalists
in the new information order in hopes of building a stronger, more vibrant
independent media community.

The goals of the Media and Democracy Congress include: strengthening
independent and public interest journalism and developing models for its
economic viability; protecting the right to freedom of expression and
responding to attempts to limit it; developing new models of collaboration
among radio, TV, print and online media; reaching wider audiences;
facilitating communication between activists and journalists; understanding
and responding to the threat from the far right; grappling with new
technology and its impact on how we use information; working together to
build a potent public media for the 21st century.

Participating speakers at the Congress include: Denise Caruso,  Farai
Chideya (MTV News), Barbara Ehrenreich, Susan Faludi, Jim Hightower, Victor
Navasky (The Nation), Katha Pollitt, Howard Rheingold, Leslie Savan
(Village Voice),  Bob Stein (Voyager) and Ray Suarez (NPR).

Beginning on Thursday, February 29, Voyager will work with Progressive
Networks, developers of RealAudio technology, to broadcast live on the
World Wide Web the Congress plenary sessions, selected workshops and
interviews with Congress speakers and participants.   Visitors to Voyager's
Web site at will be able to not only listen to
sessions in progress but also submit questions to participating speakers
via e-mail. E-mail questions will be answered by the speakers during these
sessions.  All  sessions will be archived on Voyager's site during and
after the Congress for later listening.

"We're pleased to be supporting the Webcast of an energetic and intelligent
debate about the meaning of democracy during a time of tremendous changes
in the way people communicate," said William Lohse, president of SoftBank
Exposition & Conference Company. "We believe the Internet must flourish as
a conduit of free expression if it is going to become a vital part of the
life of our planet."

"The Markle Foundation has always been concerned with the capacity of this
technology to improve public discourse, a goal which we hope to further
through our support of this webcast," said Edith Bjornson of the Markle

Based in New York, Voyager is a publisher of high-quality interactive
media, with over 300 titles in its catalog. Voyager cultivates and
maintains close relationships with authors, artists, filmmakers, and
educators who want to express their ideas using electronic media, and
collaborates on the development of new forms, most recently on the World
Wide Web.


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