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Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996
Sender: "John S. Hall" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re:  German censorhip

David E. Anderson wrote:
>Just as pariahs like pornographers and neo-Nazis are the best choice as
>initial targets by those whose real aim is people like us, Germany is the
>best choice to impose a crackdown.  German law already limits the distribution
>of Nazi materials, so the latest restriction can be couched ( and is in fact)
>as a natural extension.


>- As for provocation and entrapment, that was an element in the case of the
>San Jose pornographers prosecuted in Tennessee.

Yes, but provocateurs can work both sides of this street. If the assertion
that pro_Nazi speech in Canada is a crime when heard or viewed in Germany
seems absurd to some, could we not extend this logic to make some
assertions of our own that would seem absurd to most?  Could we not arrange
for a friendly prosecutor in, say, <pick your favorite fundamentalist
Islamic country> to prosecute the League of Women Voters for advocating
female sufferage?  I'm sure with a little more thought, this group could
come up with many better ideas, but seriously, shouldn't we fight this fire
with more fire?

J. Hall

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (Marty Tennant)
Subject: Telecom Bill and Nat. Fed. of Indep. Bus.

Opponents of the Telecom Bill:

I don't want to be accused of causing an avalanche of phone calls to
someone's toll free number by putting it on the Net, so I'll describe what I
just went thru to get the toll free number for the National Federation of
Independent Business.

I called toll free directory assistance, 1-800-555-1212, and asked for the
National Federation of Independent Business.

I was given the number for their membership line.

I called the number and spoke to a very nice lady.

I told her I was concerned about a very important issue for small businesses
related to the telecommuincations reform legislation and would like to speak
with their legislative affairs people.

She gave me the toll free number for the NFIB in Washington, along with the
name of the lobbying contact and her extension number.  Bingo!!

If anyone else is interested in trying to get this most important and
listened to small business lobbying group involved in the Telecom Bill
fight, you might want to think about this route.  Up to this point, they
have not taken a stand.

If you don't want to go thru the toll free number, their regular telephone
number in D.C. is 202 554-9000.

Please don't mention my name if you call.  I am simply relaying information
on my own experience.

If you do call, ask for a membership packet.  I've already committed to
join, at $100 a year, IF they will take a pro small business stand on the bill.

Marty Tennant

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996
Sender: Mark Stahlman (via RadioMail) <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Hyper-Democracy Debate


I'll be the guest for an online IRC moderated discussion regarding the
broader implications of electronic democracy as part of the series
sponsored by the Reinventing America game on Wednesday (tommorrow the 31st)
night at 9PM EDT.

Reinventing America is a simulation game that runs on Time-Warner's
Pathfinder WEB service, was funded by the Markle Foundation (who also
funded the RAND Universal Email study) and developed by Crossover

The discussion will take place on IRC at:

Port:    6667
Channel: #reinvent

Apparently, only the moderator and I can speak directly but questions from
anyone else in the chat area will presumably be posted by the moderator.
Since I did the first Prospero event last year and it was an unmoderated zoo,
this arrangement seems wise.

It's not clear to me if you really have to "join" Pathfinder to participate
in their chat but you might have to take that extra step.

You will need IRC software in any event and URL's for downloading same are
available on the Pathfinder site (yes, you need to register to get to these

The "Reinventing" game URL is:

and then find the game by going through their Table of Contents.

I hope some of you can join me on Wednesday night for what should be a
rollicking discussion of how hyper-democracy is only appropriate for
slave-based societies and why the Greeks voted 280 to 220 to force
Socrates to drink that hemlock. <g>

Please pass this along or re-post to anyone who may be interested.

Mark Stahlman
New Media Associates
New York City

[Follow up:     ]


That's a good point.  There will be a full (and, I guess unedited)
transcript of the hyper-democracy IRC discussion maintained on the
Pathfinder/Reinventing site.  If participating isn't your thing, then just
suck it down later.

That's why this isn't "community" -- and I love it.  10,000 tape recorders
for every voice.  Think about it.  It's a new (and organic) memory model.

Mark Stahlman


Editor's snide remark (I can't help it!) -- Mark: if _you_ designate
something an "unmoderated zoo", I shudder to think what it must have been

Thanks for the notice.  (Wish I had functional & economical web access (:<) )



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