cr> The Chilling Compuserv Effect


Richard Moore

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996
Sender: Don Bass <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Compuserv Effect

        The Good New Bad News of Compuserve action. A BBS did the right
thing for the wrong reason. AKA ..what we do to ourselves.
        For the chilling effect of fear (That's the bottom line.) as
noted in Educom's Edupage, see this:

A Wisconsin-based BBS that bills itself as the nation's largest computer
bulletin board has eliminated about 50,000 files containing adult material,
including photos of porn stars and other nude scenes.  Exec-PC's founder
says, "Since it is only 7% of our service and it could result in the 100%
loss of our business, the risk is not worth it."  The move comes on top of
CompuServe's efforts to restrict access to adult material on its service as
U.S. legislators ponder new laws to prosecute electronic transmission of
"indecent" content.  An attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation
says, "He has a perfect right to choose what to carry, but it's a shame
that he feels he has to exercise the right out of fear of what government
might do.  That's what constitutional lawyers call a chilling effect."
(Tampa Tribune 12 Jan 96 B&F5)


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