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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996
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Subject: CR CRISIS/24 Hours of Democracy

Thank you, Richard, for this:

> The original purpose of cyber-rights was to be a Campaign -- to build a
> constituency both on and off the net that understands the democracy-aspect
> of the cyberspace future, and could then support a demand for traditional
> civil liberties and rights in that new domain.

I didn't understand this before.

The 24 Hours of Democracy that Henry Huang discusses supports this

> (See it yourself:
> The idea is simple.  You write (or draw, or even speak) what the
> Internet, and freedom in general means to you, and you post it to
> the Web.  This doesn't necessarily mean writing long involved

It would be even more effective if we could judge the essays, each of
us rating each essay 1 to 10, and elect a few winners.  If we gathered
a significant number of voters, the top three essays would have a good
chance of getting into the newspapers and the authors on the TV.  We
need some positive hoopla to paint a better picture of what goes on
here.  Also, there needs to be someone other than politicians defining
what democracy is and these new definitions need to be common

The technology could be pieced together from an eVoted Majordomo list
echoed into a Web page with Hypermail.  I'd be happy to provide the
eVoted list if someone else has a site with Hypermail or the equivalent.

This has the extra benefit that we can discuss the essays as well as
judge them.  Also, participation by simple email is possible.

I want to note that this is not the best architecture.  The vote-
keeping will be centralized and therefore vulnerable to attack but it
is a place to start and plans are in the works for vote-keeping at
multiple sites with the statistics networked around to the various
sites along with the discussion threads.  Also, unless there is some
non-virtual registration process, as there is in political elections,
people with multiple email addresses can vote multiple times.
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