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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996
Sender: Jason Wehling <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cr> Re: "*hot* Internet issues"

16 Feb 1996, rkm wrote:
>         I submit that the time has come for cyber-rights to encourage and
> support self-interest coaltions of all the entities mentioned in the
> previous paragraph.  Marty Tennant has launched an organizing effort in the
> small-business sector, and we could try to lend a hand.  We could also seek
> out similar initiatives in the other sectors, or encourage them if they
> don't exist.

A good potential partner in this campaign is other grassroots, activist
groups -- such as Greenpeace, Amnesty, et al. They have the
infrastructure that we severely lack. We ought to think about contacting
these groups to help out. It seems to me that many of them have a direct
stake in cyberspace, in that they already use it extensively. If
anything, we ought to be able to convince them to send out some brief
information about this battle and how folks can get involved.

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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996
Sender: "David Heck" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: cr> Marty Tennant: Action Alert

I agree!  Organize and get involved.  I just signed up with the NFIB
and they seem to be aware of the problems posed by this legislation,
and will be sending out surveys to members.

For all you small ISP's, Websites, consultants, etc.  this is a great
way to maximize your effect per dollar spent.  the NFIB has a very
good track record on keeping the pulse of the small business
community, and promoting its members' concerns to Washington, that
they are rated as 'one of the top 10 most effective lobbying/interest
groups', according to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Capitol
Hill staffers..

NFIB's phone number :  (615)872-5800.

Heads up, and Tally Ho!

Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996
Sender: Off the Edge <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re:"*hot* Internet issues"

>        I encourage you all to think about how cyber-rights could be most
>effective in such an endeavor, and to send in suggestions, which will be
>digested to back to the list.  Presumably we could assist with information
>dissemenation, facilitate cross-pollenization among coalitions, possibly
>serve as an umbrella organization (or better, CPSR), and offer some useful
>coordination and encouragement.  But I await ideas from you 500+ rights

        OK here goes.

        Though I am beginning to understand the DigitaLiberty view more and
more, until we are at a point where online users are comfortable with all
available technology, the initial effort is going to have to be concentrated
in physispace. This list is *very* informative and I can't pretend I
understand all of what some of the regular posters are saying, but to a
large part the discussion is splitting hairs among the converted. We *know*
what is happening but I am still not getting the feeling that my immediate
friends and family are the slightest bit aware. The occasional cry for
action in the physical world touches me more.

        So I propose we spend less time _here_ and more time _out there_. I
am moving to a city in the next month that I noticed lists no local CPSR
chapter. Maybe I will start one. I currently work for a large chain
bookstore and I had wonderful success putting together a monthly Internet
group. I would like to carry that energy over into hosting public forums on
technology issues that matter. If I can't put together a CPSR chapter maybe
I can create a cyber-rights group. Whatever.

The point being is that in return for the education I have received from
being online, it is time to pass what I have learned along. Lack of
education = the V-chip. How about we start an Adopt-An-OffLiner campaign.
Help them get up and on. Help them understand what they are using. Help them
understand why it is important. Or adopt someone who is online but reading
the ads. If we are 500+ strong, in a month we could be 1000+ strong.

Thanks for reading.
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