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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996
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Subject: Re: cr> CRISIS in cyber-rights (PLEASE READ)

In a message dated 96-02-23 06:26:21 EST, you write:

>The original purpose of cyber-rights was to be a Campaign -- to build

Hmmmmm, having been a certified first-class lurker for the past 6 or 7
months, I think this is the first time I've seen any sort of mission stated
for the list.

I use the information I read ( and I do read it all) to keep myself educated
on what is going on and pass it on whenever I can.  Since I'm not a
"professional" I don't feel that I have much to add to what's posted, other
than my personal opinions, which are pretty much based on what I read here!

The truth is that I don't always understand at first what I read. But it
keeps me thinking.  So, if one of the purposes is to build a constituency
that understands the Democracy-aspect of the cyber rights future,  it is
working in my case.   If there is any way I can contribute to whatever the
"true"  mission is,  I'd be glad to........but in the meanwhile,  I'll just
stay a lurker.




        Thanks Pam.  I'm glad the information is useful, and I intended no
criticism of people being lurkers.  Furthermore, lists which are "only"
discussion groups are valuable -- no question about that.  The point is
that there are thousands of those, and cyber-rights was intended to be
something different.

        Glad to hear your willingness to contribute, if we in fact agree on
a more focused list mission.



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