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Dear M. Wooley:

        The following excerpt indicates a fallacy typical of
left (incl. some elected types) thinking:

w>The new technology makes the jobs, the only way competition
w>has an effect is in taking power from stupid-evil capitalists and
w>private bureaucrats (good people will try to do the right thing
w>no matter what the decision-making system, private or public).

The technology creates *opportunities* for jobs, the jobs are contracts between
laborers and employers.  Employers must pay for equiptment and labor, this is
capitalism (since you must buy the grindstone before you sell the axe),
 and I don't see any non-consensual (evil) aspect of it.

Finally, "good" people are not sufficient to do squat, as they are
insufficient in
number, motivation, and resources.  Only money (which represents a physical
(not social) quantity,
information about supply/demand) gets things done, despite all the bleeding
hearts in government.

I don't make the rules but I do observe them.

Apologies to any elected officials who I've cc'd for the use of big words or
big ideas.

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